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The technique involves four strategically placed dental implants, which allow for a full-arch denture (securing and permanent) to be placed over them. You will be able to speak clearly and enjoy your favourite foods. They won’t move or shift when you talk, and they won’t be misplaced.



All-on-4®, a cost-effective, minimally invasive way to restore function to your mouth and regain the confidence that comes from a beautiful smile, is available. What’s the best part? You’ll leave the office with a temporary fixed, full-arch denture on the day of your treatment!

The procedure is computer-guided, meaning that doctors can identify the highest level of bone without the need to graft. It adds cost and time to the recovery process.

The All-on-4® technique not only restores the beauty of your smile but also prevents further bone loss. Implants act as a support structure for the bone, giving it something to hold onto.


The Procedure

Computer-guided surgery allows the doctor to determine the best implants and then insert them into the bone. Implants are small titanium screws that fit inside the jawbone. They act as a root for a tooth.

A temporary denture is typically inserted to allow you to smile while your natural bone heals around the implants. It works just like a natural tooth.

The process can take several months. After that, We will fit you with a full-arch denture that is permanently attached to your implants.



After your denture has been inserted, you’ll be able to eat your favourite foods as well as speak clearly. It is easy to maintain your smile by brushing twice daily and maintaining a professional maintenance schedule with our dentist.

It is essential because we will examine all parts of your All-on-4® implant system at every visit and periodically evaluate your bone levels to ensure your smile is in top shape.